Green_Line_Logo Rovatti - Green Line Series Pumps
A range of centrifugal pumps for clean water. Submersible and vertical pumps for deep wells and horizontal single/multistage pumps for surface installations. Driven by electric motors and internal combustion engines, tractor PTO, etc.
E~ER_Series_Click_here_for_full_details Submersible Electric Borehole Pumps
E-ER series
A wide range of pumps for boreholes of 4" to 14" diameter.
Extr_BHP Submersible Electric Borehole Pumps
Extreme Series-Stainless Steel
Fully casted stainless steel pumps for 8", 10" and 12" boreholes.
4ES_Series_click_for_more_details Electric Submersible Pumps
4ES Series
4" Electric submersible pumps in stainless steel construction with floating technopolymer impellers and suitable for chemically aggressive waters.
5RN_Series_Click_here_for_ful_details Submersible Electric Well Pumps
Houseline 5RN series
The 5RN range is suitable for domestic applications including:  drinking water, garden/landscape irrigation, wash-down, etc.
MEK~MEKV_Series_Click_here_for_full_details Multi-Stage Electric Pumps
MEK-MEKV series
Horizontal and Vertical multi-stage electric pumps. 
Suitable for many applications including:  irrigation, pressure boosting, municipal water supply, industrial and fire-fighting plants, etc.
MEKVX Multi-Stage Electric Pumps
Extreme Stainless Steel Pumps-MEKVX Series

New AISI 316 casted stainless steel vertical in-line multi-stage electric pumps suitable for industrial applications including corrosive liquids. Available in either mechanical seal or gland packing version. Gland packing version incorporates the new Twinner system.
MEKVS50 Multi-Stage Electric Pumps
Stainless Steel MEKVS Series

New AISI 304 pressed stainless steel vertical in-line multistage electric pumps suitable for applications including Irrigation (Agricultural & Turf/Landscaping), Pressure Boosting, Washing Plants, Municipal Water Systems, etc.
ME_Series_Click_here_for_full_details Monobloc Electric Pumps
ME series
Horizontal single-stage pumps. 
Suitable for domestic, agricultural and industrial applications. Their robust design and mechanical strength makes them easy to use, reliable and long-lasting.
SK~SKD_Series_Click_here_for_full_details Horizontal Multi-Stage Pumps
SK-SKD series
Medium and high pressure bareshaft pumps 
Suitable for operation with electric motors (2 and 4 pole) or diesel engines. Supplied with gland packing seal as standard but option of mechanical seal available. Suitable for applications including Irrigation, Pressure Boosting, Washing Plants, Municipal Water Supply, Artificial Snow Making etc.
F_Series_Click_here_for_full_details Flanged Pumps for Engines
F series
This series has many models available, and is suitable for direct couplings to engines with SAE2-3-4-5 flywheel housings. Single-stage pumps with shaft coupled directly to the engine flywheel and Multi-stage pumps with shaft coupled to the engine by a flexible coupling. The performances mirror those of the SK series bareshaft pumps.  
S~SQ~SP_Series_Click_here_for_full_details Horizontal Single-Stage Pumps
S-SQ-SP series
Low and medium pressure bareshaft pumps suitable for connection to electric motors (2 or 4 pole) or diesel engine. Ideal for applications such as Civil and Industrial Installations, Irrigation, Water Raising, Fire-Fighting, etc.
SNK_Series_Click_for_full_details Horizontal Single-Stage Pumps
SNK series
Single-stage centrifugal pumps for connecting to 2 or 4 pole electric motor with a coupling and mounted on a pressed metal bedplate according to UNI 23611. Suitable for applications including Irrigation, Turf/Landscape Irrigation, Civil Water Supply, Air-Conditioning Car Washing, etc.
SNR Horizontal Standardised Pumps
SNR Series
Horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps manufactured in compliance with EN733 (DIN 24255) standards, supplied in bareshaft version or with electric motor assembled on a common iron frame. Suitable for Heating and Cooling Installations, Water Treatment and Processing, Municipal and industrial Water Supply, Irrigation, etc.
T~TK~MB_&_TOF_Series_Click_here_for_full_details Tractor Pumps with Gearbox
T-TK-MB & TOF series
Single and Multi-Stage pumps driven by PTO shaft suitable for mobile agricultural irrigation and other applications requiring a rapid installation. MB series particularly suitable for high volume water transfer.
V_Series_Click_for_full_details Vertical Lineshaft Pumps
V series
Turbine pumps can be used in many civil and agricultural applications and are most commonly used in water systems, pressure boosting, washing and irrigation. Suitable for installation in deep wells as well as in tanks, cisterns and everywhere it is necessary to pump from channels, rivers and lakes. Equipment consists of a pump assembly, lineshaft column pipes and a drive head (5 different types available).
Lineshaft Vertical Lineshaft Pumps
Extreme Stainless Steel pumps-V series
New AISI 316 casted stainless steel vertical turbine pumps in 6" and 8" sizes with adjustable cartridge mechanical seal and special split joint for mechanical seal removal without motor disassembly.
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